Supplier of Granite US

Supplier of Granite US

Imperial Exports India is manufacturer and supplier of Granite, Black Granite, Granite Stone, Blue Granite and Indian Granite. It provides granite in various colors Absolute Black, Galaxy black granite, Black Pearl, blue black, Indian Impala and Irish Black.We offer affordable rates in provide granite in various patterns.

Supplier of Granite

Supplier of Granite
Supplier of Granite

Uses of Granite

  • Granite is one of the most popular building materials. It has been used for thousands of years in both interior and exterior applications. Granite dimension stone is used in buildings, bridges, paving, monuments, and many other exterior projects.
  • Indoors, polished granite slabs and tiles are used in countertops, tile floors, stair treads and many other design elements.
  • Rocks are used for various purposes starting from construction of roads, bridges, buildings to pot in kitchen, as a gem stone or just for decorating the garden.
  • Granite stone is molded into tiles and is used as a floor or wall covering.

Supplier of Granite


Using colors granite creates interesting, artistic designs.

  • Granite Facing Stone – Today it is more common to find builders using granite as decorative facing. Applied to exterior or interior walls, or both, granite facing stones give the appearance of granite blocks and are pocket friendly.
  • Granite Paving Stones – Granite paving stones are a colorful, attractive and durable choice for paving a driveway.
  • Granite Curbing – Granite stones are often used to form street curbing. Curbs made from granite stones are much more durable than concrete, and are more decorative.

Supplier of Granite

Imperial Exports India offers best designing in Granite and its black and blue granite available in various designs and sizes. They are Supplier of Black Granite and manufacturing designer stone slabs of granite in various styles and their granite stone is supplied in various cities of United State.

Supplier of Granite

About Us-


Phone- (IND) +91 99287 17383, (UAE) +97 15677 49315


Address- 669, A- HiranMagri, Sector 13, Udaipur Rajasthan INDIA 313001


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